Beautiful and rare Southern "collector car"...last year made for first generation: 2006 Bermuda Blue Metallic Avalanche - very low 32K mileage and fully loaded with Z71, 4WD, HD Tow Package, OE 20-inch Wheels, Side-Impact Air Bags, Nav, Snugtop, OE Chrome Package, Sunroof, Rear DVD, Bose, 10-Way Power Seats, Stainless Nerf Bars, Corsa Exhaust, Wet Okole Custom Seat Covers, Gatorback, Catch-All Floor Mats, Weather Tech Visors, Stampede Deflector, Tinted Windows, Remote Tailgate Mod, DVD Mod, LoJack, VIN Etching, Flex Fuel, Midgate, Back-Up Cam Wiring, and more! Never off-roaded or driven in winter weather. Garaged. 9 out of 10 condition.
Aug 23–Sep 6
Tom Duffey (Owner)
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