Charles Anthony Leonard Williams - "Beguiled", From 1978-1993. Did, "They, Really Try, To Destroy & Rob Me"? Celia Gollin, Reckons - That, "They Really Did - It"! Their Loss Is Not Mine & Are Now, Back In, Their, Little Digital & Forever Photo Boxes" (Electronically - "Magnetic"!). "They ran off with all the money - *"Absquatulate is a deeply silly word that means to make off with something or someone. Why say a thief ran away with your money when it's much more fun to say he absquatulated with it ( #hictwats or a #hictwat in most cases)? The word absquatulate came out of an odd fad in America in the 1830s for making playful words that sounded vaguely Latin."
Mar 7, 2013–Sep 15, 2018
Charles Anthony Leonard Williams (Owner)
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