Photo Album, "Beguiled", from, 1978-1993. "They Really Tried To Destroy, & Rob Me At The Same Time!" Celia Gollin, Reckons That "They Really, Actually, Did It"! Their Loss, Now, Is Not Mine & They All Are All, Now, Back In There, Little Digital, For Forever, "Photo Boxes." Electronically, It's, "Magnetic"! They ran off with all that money = "Absquatulate is a deeply silly word that means to make off with something or someone. Why say a thief ran away with your money when it's much more fun to say he or she absquatulated with it." #hictwats or a #hictwat in most cases. The word absquatulate came out of an odd fad in America in the 1830s for making playful words that sounded vaguely Latin." #shamblefuckers #shamblefucker #muffledupbrigade "tehehe tehehe tehehe!" You bitches' - "What a person says on the internet when they are in a defensive position trying to seem as if they are 'keeping their cool.'" Person 1: You know what he said wasn't true, he was bullshitting to you ... Person 2: I know lol, "teheh tehehe tehehe!" Photo Album, “Beguiled”, from, 1978-1993.
Mar 7, 2013–Apr 9, 2019
Charles Anthony Leonard Williams (Owner)
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