*Gracious be divine waters for* *Our protection, be there for our drink,* *And steam on us bliss and happiness* The Vedas extol rivers as goddess. For us, in our *sanathana dharma* each river is a manifestation of God/ goddess. They're *sacred and pure*. Taking a dip in the rivers is *not only auspicious but also washes away sins and misfortune*. Our *Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam* - *Ayodhya Branch* stands ahead for its tendency to perform *anushtana* for every *Gnyana* gained through the Vedas and Divyaprabandham thus following the path laid by *SwAmi ManavAla MAmunigal*, to keep the balance between *GnyAnam & AnushtAnam*. Children are blessed with the opportunity to connect to nature by bathing in tbe river and joyfully playing @ the river bank. Here are the few *clips and glimpse* of our children from our branch at *AyOdyA*- the birth place of *Sri RAmA*, worshipping the sacred river *Sarayu*.
Feb 25, 2018
adiyongal kainkarayasree (Owner)
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