Gandhi World Foundation in We Change 6 Social Awareness CD Launch Function on 12/03/2016 Gandhi World Foundation is a non-profitable, charitable Organisation which was formed for promoting the Gandhian Principles and create awareness among general public on various aspects. Every year, on 12th of March, GWF involves in wide range of activities and conducts awareness programs in different forms in different parts of the state in remembrance of the Dandi March or Salt Satyagraha which was led by Mahatma Gandhi. In this continuous endeavour, this year Gandhi World Foundation has stepped on to another milestone in creating Visual Medias/Documentaries on the Effects of Alcoholism, Education, Global Warming, Importance of Walking etc., which will have a great impact in creating awareness among public. These documentaries will be screened in every cities & villages by means of road shows. This event started with Foreword by Shri M.L Rajesh the founder of Gandhi World Foundation followed by the DVD release. The DVD “நமது ஊர் நமது பெருமம” was released by poet Shri. Muthu Aabathsagayam & Professor Shri. V.Vijayarangan (Founder of Sentamizhil Solai) and the copies were received by Shri. John Francis, Shri A.Ravi, Shri M.Manibalan &Shri M.Kesavan The DVD “பெோமை பைமையோ” which exposes about Alcoholism and its effects was released by Shri. Kumari Anandan (Founder, Gandhi Peravai) and the copies were received by Shri. J.Jeyaseelan (Director of Delvin Formulation), Shri. Gandhi S Kanagaraj (Film Actor), Shri. R.Rajendran (Founder, Assist World Records) and Shri. K.Sivakumar (Tirupur Coordinator Gandhi World Foundation). The DVD “கல்ைி நலம்” which speaks about the significance of Education was released by Shri.RBU.Shayam Kumar (CEO, Puthiya Thalaimurai Television) which were received by Shri. B.Purushothaman (Founder Everwin Schools), and Shri. M.Mohanraj (Head, Vivekananda School, Elavur). The DVD “சுடுகிறது பூமி” which reveals about Global Warming was released by Shri. Srikanth (Actor & Social Activist) which was received by Shri. APJMJSheik Dawood & Shri A.P.J Sheik Saleem (Grandsons of Late Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam). The DVD “நமை பநோய்க்கு ைமை” was released by Dr.N.Sivakadatcham, Cardiologist was received by Dr.V.Sudharsun, Vinod Clinic, Gummudipundi, Shri.K.M.Krishnamurthy (Head, Sentamizhil Solai), Shri.S.Swaminathan (Gandhi World Foundation) The DVD “குருைி கூடு” was released by Shri.Ramesh Kanna (Flim Director, Actor & Social Activist) was received by Smt. Vijayalakshmi Rajesh (Chairperson, Gandhi World Foundation) & Dr.V. Subash Gandhi (Gandhi World Foundation). This great event was witnessed by some of the eminent personalities along with 300 public.
Mar 12, 2016
Gandhi Wf (Owner)
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