The programme was inaugurated by Shri S.Ramanujam Swamy who is the Co-ordinator of Vishnu Sakasranama Bhakthi Jana Sabha. As usual we had Thiruveethi Prathakshinam to instill and evoke the minds of the children with Lord's name by chanting Rama Nama. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.So the children were asked to clean the benches before the session .In order to Create interest many interesting Games like Passing the Secret to the Juniors and Koil Thirumalai and Perumal Koil game for Seniors. The next day The Chief Guest were Shri.P.T.Sheshadri and our beloved Shri.Badri Narayana Swamy. In order to render feast for our Eyes and Ears many cultural activities like Music ,Dance and Drama were conducted .In order to give Nourishment every one was distributed Sundal. The Programme was ended with Grand Success with the blessing of the Lord Ranganathar
Jun 10–13, 2017
adiyongal kainkarayasree (Owner)
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