Share Download 2000 pics Trump is right- Name evil to know how win. Supremacist Hate Cult is perfect name for Islam from mind of warlord gangster- shows evil purpose, flip narrative to fight Supremacist and NOT religion. Democrats ally with Supremacist for POWER enslave women children gays nonbelievers. Only way stop Supremacist is expose them as Supremacist. History is Proof - 1400yrs muslim invasions kill 300million nonbelievers worse than Nazis. Peace was Lie. They silence Patriots cause they have a lot to hide. If all see truth they are Supremacist- lose reverence of religion EXILE like Nazis, FREE Muslims from worship FALSE prophet. Islam is Prophet Warlord Gangster stole stories Torah said god talk him justify pillage RAPE Jew tribes. Muslims brainwashed like cult emulate Warlord murder rape nonbelievers w Koran Hadith Sira=Sharia Islamic Law. Bigger population more intolerant- deceptive Clerics impose Sharia enslave women children persecute nonbelievers. Europe lose to Islam cause media brainwash to see it as religion instead Supremacist. More info
May 18, 2004–Oct 6, 2019
Mike Hates Evil (Owner)
Red/White/Blue/Navy Veteran/Christian
Lisa Collins
Lorne Iggulden
Christian Williams
Anne Farrelly
Laura Loomer
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