His Eminence Prof.Dr. Madhu Krishan The Eminent Scientist , Founder Chairman of AUGP USA - ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE USA www.augpusa.org & Chairman Cum Rector Of United Nations University For Global Peace USA www.unugp.education & Chairman Of UNTED NATIONS GDO http://ungdo.net/people/ Cum The Honry. Chairman Of Diplomatic Mission (Europe & Balkan Nations ) www.dmpp.org with Passion Of Establishing Global Peace To Build Up A Transformed Civilization Of " Peace Loving - Peace Living - Peace Practicing " World Wide To Build A Sustainable Developed Nations - Organized WORLD PEACE CONVENTION - In Collaboration with IBRF , & CIU (Apex Body Of Government Universities ) in The City Of Mother Teresa At Kolkata, India To Commemorate INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY On 21st & 22nd September
Sep 21, 2018
Global Peace (Owner)