*Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:* *Manakkaal Nambi thirunakshathiram Celebrations* *Manakkaal Nambi* is one of the gems in the *Acharya Ratna Haram* and also the AchAryan of *Sri AlavandAr*. *MAsi Maham* , his *thirunakshathiram* was celebrated couple of days back. Our *SrimAn Bhattar Gurukulam* children celebrated that in a divine manner. The day started with taking bath in *Vada thirukkAvEri- Kollidam* where they performed *AnushtAnams* and went for *Thiruveedhi Pradhakshanam* reciting *Vedas and Dhivya prabandam*. After this they were blessed to participate in *thirunakshathira Uthsavam* celebrated at *ManakkAl* and also participated in *Arulicheyal goshti*. The day also ended with a divine evening, having dharshan of *Sri SoundarrAja perumal- Anbil* and *Thirukkarambanur uththaman* at *vada thirukkAveri* The *Clips and glimpse* of the day are as follows.
Mar 7, 2018
adiyongal kainkarayasree (Owner)
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