HOT & Warm Weather Tools to help keep your Dog and You Cool and Comfortable inside your Vehicle, for K9 Nose Work Classes, as well as K9 Nose Work and/or Agility Trials and Seminars.... I included details below with each photo :o) **<129+ photos.... To see the comments/details provided on each individual photo please click on its "dark 'i' in a white circle" (the photo info button), top right of each photo....>** PLEASE NOTE: IT IS SOLEY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOUR DOGS COOL AND SAFE IN THE HOT WEATHER AND PREVENT OVER HEATING, HEAT STROKE, AND ILLNESS - PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY 'OR' SIMPLY DON'T TAKE CLASSES AND TRIAL DURING THE HOT WEATHER MONTHS = DO IT IN THE COOLER/COLD WINTER MONTHS INSTEAD WHEN OVER HEATING IS NOT A WORRY OR CONCERN! PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS HEALTHY. @2022 Cindy C Smith & The Right Steps. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29, 2015–Jun 28, 2019
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