2012-through-2017 (2xs a year) - Cindy C. Smith, CNWI / The Right Steps - a Guest Lecturer at CRC - Veterinary Technology Program - Album of photos = 6 years of Thank You Packages with Notes from Students - Photos enclosed of a small sampling of a few of their Individual Notes back to me over the last 6 years.... Each year I go out and discuss Dog/Cat Behavior, Safety, Fear, Body Language, Positive Reinforcement/Science Based Animal Training, Clicker Training, Muzzle Desensitization, Safe Handling, Breathing and Confidence, as well as a Training Class with their Colony Dogs - Students have a hands on Supervised Training Opportunity (Loading Clicker, Rewarding/Capturing Eye Contact, Learning Dog Body Language - Including signs of Fear, Reactivity, and/or Shutting Down, how to be interactive and fun - engage their dogs, how to hold a leash, Attention Walking Heel and Loose Leash Walking, Reward Delivery and Value, Capture Good Behavior, Ignoring or Redirecting Inappropriate Behavior, Increase Distance as Needed from Distractions, and Targeting/Touch to name a few. As well as a Demo with either Morgan or Shadow - My own dogs having FUN working, training, playing with Food and Toys!)....
May 20โ€‰โ€“โ€‰28, 2018
Cindy Smith (Owner)
Heidi Nyman