HIS EMINENCE ‘Prof. Dr. MADHU KRISHAN” The Founder and Chairman of the “Academy of University of Global Peace” – U.S.A. (www.augpusa.org) and the CHIEF RECTOR cum the CHAIRMAN of “THE UNITED NATION UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE – U.S.A”. (www.unugp.education), who is also the CHAIRMAN of DIPLOMATIC MISSION- (Europe and Balkan Nations) (www.dmpp.org) presided over the seminar & delivered The key note address on the importance of the Global Peace for making India Strong in all aspect. He also Focused on the emerging global issues & the need of UNITING ALL among the Diverse Culture, Inter –religion, Inter –Faith Harmony, Tolerance, Patience , conflict resolutions, etc for brining Prosperity in the nation. He dwelt at length on the topic of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UNSDs Goal 2030. Posted By :- Amb. Dr. Anil Nair https://www.facebook.com/DIPLOMATICHUMANRIGHTS/posts/1904349496302207
Oct 9, 2015–Jul 16, 2018
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